Many Parts, One Family

  • Joe & Lynnette Collins

    Married i

    Our married groups meet twice a month at midweek or in homes. We read the Bible, share our thoughts, and pray. We also attend retreats, marriage and parenting classes, and enjoy other times together. Life is best lived in commuity. 

  • Doug Brooks & Holly Bruehl

    Single Adult i

    At Simi Church we want every single man and woman to experience all that God has for them. We meet twice a month in homes or at midweek. We also enjoy devotionals, retreats, and other special events throughout the year. 

  • Kyle Popok

    Campus i i

    Our campus ministry is a great place for college students to mature in their friendship with God and others. They meet twice a month in homes or at midweek. We also get together on campus, at retreats, and most Fridays.

  • Eron Henderson

    High School i i

    The High School Ministry believes that the Jesus' way, is the best way. We want to discover everything God made us to be. We meet twice a month on Sundays and Fridays, and at special events throughout the year.

  • Darin & Jenny Vasquez

    Legends i

    We call our Jr. High ministry "Legends" for good reason – We really want to make a difference for God. Our Sunday classes and Friday night devotionals are a great place to start. We gather to deepen our friendships and encounter the living God.

  • Lynnette Collins

    Kids Ministry i

    We believe that even young kids have the capacity to know and love God. Our goal is to help them connect to God through Bible stories, songs, and crafts. Classes are available after the worship service and end shorlty after the sermon. 


We Partner With

  • International

    Disciples Today

    The official website for the International Churches of Christ.

  • Local

    For The Need

    Bringing smiles to children in the greater Los Angeles area need since 1997. 

  • Global

    HOPE Worldwide

    Bringing hope and change to the world’s most poor, sick and suffering.

Our Leadership

Answering the Call

  • Ministry Leaders

    Joe & Lynnette Collins

    Joe & Lynnette ministered at the Valley Church for seventeen years before launching Simi Church in 2015. Their mission is to help you discover yours.

  • Campus Intern

    Kyle Popok

    Kyle grew up in Ventura. He attends Moorpark CC and plans to study communications at USC. He leads a lunchtime Bible study on campus as well as weekly devotionals.