Our Mission

Love God, Love People

This simple statement is central to everything we do at Simi Church. We are a community of believers dedicated to loving God and the people He has placed in our lives.

Our Plan

Telling Our "Worlds" About Jesus

God has supernaturally and strategically placed a world of people in every believer's life. Not by accident, but by design. His purpose, and ours, is for every believer to intentionally pray for, invest in, and prepare themselves to tell their "world" about Jesus.

Our Belief

Jesus is Lord

We believe the Bible is the best source of truth in our world today. In it, we learn that Jesus lived a sinless life, died on a cross, and rose to life again. It is in this belief that we baptize repentant people in Jesus' name for the forgiveness of sin and to receive the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to obey all that He commands and telling others about Him. Simply put we believe in the message and ministry of Jesus Christ. 

Our Process

Making Disciples

  • Start

    Belong Before You Believe

    Bad choices have separated us from God and each other. Yet Jesus offers a refuge for broken and divided people. It's called "Church" and is the place where His love and acceptance is available to all.

  • Stay

    Take God at His Word

    While many disbelieve, deny and distance themselves from scripture; we embrace it. What seems foolish to some and controversial to others; we've found to be sound, sensible, and the best source of truth in our world today.

  • Share

    Preach Repentance, Practice Grace

    Repentance is a profound change of perspective that results in a profound change of behavior. Grace is God's active love towards those who can't earn and don't deserve it.

Our Ask

Partner with Us

Our ask is simple - Tell others what Jesus has done for you. Attend Sunday services and join a Family Group. Finally, serve others and give financially. That's it, the rest will fall in place.